Who Are We?

Two good friends that both realized life is getting shorter on the other end and it’s time to see a bunch of the country, take some tours and laugh a lot.

I’m Donna D. (Dee) Some will know me by my goofy avatar on the all-molded forums and Facebook groups. That ‘gal’ is richer and better looking than me! I’m retired (woohoo!), a mother, grandmother, hotrodder, bookworm, Trekkie and am always up for an adventure. I dislike peas, chocolate and mean people.

Judy B. says life is good! After becoming a widow in 2012 and retiring that same year I have found life changes are okay. I spent 30 plus years in banking and credit union work and being a wife, mom and grandmother. I now enjoy my days with family, friends, traveling, gardening and creating art projects. I also love spending time at the heated salt water pool which helps me with the golden year aches and pains. My next travel is visiting Canada, eating lobster in Maine, visiting the Green Bay Packers “go Pac go.” We will spend two months on the road exploring and having fun. The only trouble we should have is beautiful sights and laughing way too much…