Trip Planning

This trip planning actually was a glimmer more than two years ago when, a friend Ian Giles had this crazy idea to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first molded lightweight fiberglass travel trailer – The Boler – in its manufacturing home, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (

Well, that got me thinking (oh no). I want to go, I’m going. That would get me half-way across Canada. I’ve never seen much of Canada… barely have crossed the border four times… in British Columbia.

So, to Winnipeg cross back into the USA in North Dakota. Then head home. Oh my stars, how plans have changed!

When I asked Judy to join me, and she decided it would be fun, we started talking about it. Judy is from Wisconsin and since Wisconsin is ‘close’ we decided to add that to the trip.

Then Judy said she had never seen Niagara Falls. Me neither! Or if I did, I was too young to remember. So add viewing Niagara Falls to the plans. THEN Judy said, she has never seen the Atlantic ocean. Looking at the map… I said, well Judy it’s only (holding my thumb and forefinger about 1-1/2″ apart) that much further. Woohoo! Coast-to-coast trip!

So we backed up the plans and decided to go up through Washington State, into Idaho and cross into British Columbia. Then all the way across Canada to Quebec, cross the border into Vermont, over to Portland, Maine and then turn west for home.

8,000+ miles, 51 nights and 10 tours planned, state parks, national parks and monuments, laundry stops, grocery stops and fuel stops! Oh and one truck service.

And to think this ALL started with going to Winnipeg, Manitoba!

The truck has been serviced, the trailer serviced and solar added. We have plenty of creature comforts, clothing for weather changes. A zero balance credit card, two fully charged cellphones and lots of space on the phones for photos so we can add those to the blog.

Woohoo, off we go Making Memories!